Garment Enforcement Agreement Signed With NY, NJ

In an innovative move to further improve enforcement of labor laws in the garment industry, the Labor Commissioner has signed joint enforcement agreements with the Labor Commissioner of New York and New Jersey.

Labor Commissioner Victoria Bradshaw signed the agreements with New York Labor Commissioner John Sweeney and New Jersey Labor Commissioner Peter Calderone at a ceremony in Atlantic City.

The agreements provide that the Labor Commissioners in the three states will have reciprocal access to information that each Labor Commissioner maintains on apparel manufacturers and contract sewing companies. This shared information will improve each state's ability to enforce labor laws covering home sewing, payment of wages, child labor, and garment manufacturer registration. In particular, the agreements will better enable the three states to target violators who break the law in one state and then flee to another state in an effort to resume operations. Together, the three states account for 95 percent of garment manufacturers in the United States.