DIR Notes: Millan Named Interim Labor Commissioner, Bradshaw Director of EDD

Governor Wilson has named Jose Honorio Millan as interim Labor Commissioner, and Victoria Bradshaw, the former Labor Commissioner, has a new appointment in which she will be working on partnerships with DIR.

Until the Governor appoints a permanent replacement for Bradshaw, Millan will perform the duties of the Labor Commissioner. He served as assistant labor commissioner during 1995, supervising special projects, the San Francisco headquarters staff, and offices in Southern California. ,p>Millan has overall statewide supervision of the Targeted Industries Partnership Program (TIPP). This initiative is the multi-agency state-federal joint education and enforcement program which focuses on the agricultural and garment industries.

Bradshaw, who resigned as Labor Commissioner last fall after serving in that post since 1991, has been appointed Director of the Employment Development Department (EDD) by Governor Wilson.

"I am delighted that Vickie has agreed to accept the challenge of leading the Employment Development Department," Wilson said. "She has done an outstanding job as State Labor Commissioner and I'm confident that her straightforward, proactive approach in working with employers will serve Californians well."

EDD, the state's largest agency in terms of employees and revenue handled, has several responsibilities. It functions as a broker between employers and job seekers, collects payroll taxes, and distributes unemployment and state disability insurance benefits. It also has the lead role in coordinating job training efforts in California.

As Director of EDD, Bradshaw will work on initiatives with DIR. EDD is the lead agency of the Joint Enforcement Strike Force (JESF), which targets the underground economy. In JESF enforcement activities, the Labor Commissioner's investigators work in teams with EDD investigators. EDD has also been involved in TIPP, conducting investigations of employers suspected of not paying payroll taxes.